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Myrkvidr: A Nordic Horror Adventure

Enter the Shadowy Realm of 16th-Century Scandinavia

Discover the haunting beauty of Myrkvidr, a first-person horror adventure set in a 16th-century Scandinavian world rich in detail and shrouded in ancient mystery. Your journey will lead you through foreboding landscapes teeming with legendary creatures from the darkest Nordic folklore.

Choose Your Path

Embrace the role of either Eirik, a warrior haunted by his past, or Astrid, a seer and healer guided by foresight. Each character brings a unique perspective to the story, challenging you with specific encounters, quests, and revelations that shape your personal narrative.

Folklore Entities

Myrkvidr is full of Scandinavian folklore entities. Encounter N├Ącken, Gloson, Gnomes, Huldra and many many more during your adventure.

Forge Your Saga

In Myrkvidr, every decision has a consequence. The decisions you make will resonate in the realm of folklore, with the potential to alter your relationship with these beings. Show mercy, display valor, or exhibit cunning; each choice will echo back through your journey, influencing not only the narrative but also how these legendary beings respond to your presence.

Elements of Destiny

The Aura System reflects your every action, guiding you towards light or abandoning you to darkness. A strong aura can reveal secrets or protect you, while a weakened one might leave you vulnerable to the forest's darker elements.

Delve into the Seidr System to harness the ancient magic of the land and listen for the wisdom imparted by the Ancestor's Guidance System. But tread carefully; each decision sways your sanity and alters the world around you, as the forest itself responds to your fear, growing ever darker and more hostile.

An Immersive Horror Experience

Myrkvidr combines exploration and deep storytelling to create an unforgettable, deeply immersive horror experience.

Are you prepared to brave the chilling whispers of the forest and the foreboding darkness of the Nordic night?

Game Features

"Within the whispering forest, every choice ignites a spark of Aura, casting light or shadow on thy journey. Seek the glow to guide thee, or in the darkness, find thine own path"

Discover the power of Aura, a mystical force that weaves through the heart of Myrkvidr. As you journey through the shadowed forests, your Aura will reflect the essence of your choices and deeds.

Forge a bright Aura to illuminate secrets and safeguard your path, or tread in darkness as your Aura dims. But be wary, for the Aura is a delicate balance, and its ebb and flow can change the world in unseen ways.

"In the weave of ancient Seidr, every thread pulled is a fate rewritten. Harness the silent songs of the earth, let them guide thee to power unseen and knowledge unspoken."

Seidr is the arcane thread that binds you to the ancient magic of the land. In Myrkvidr your connection to Seidr will grow with wisdom and respect for the untamed nature that surrounds you.

Harness its power to unveil mysteries and protect against the lurking darkness. Yet, use this ethereal connection judiciously, as the land remembers the touch of Seidr, for better or worse.

"Listen to the echoes of lineage, for the Ancestry speaks in the rustling leaves. In their wisdom, find thy strength; in their honor, find thy way."

Voices from the past guide your future in Myrkvidr. Ancestry is your unseen companion, whispering legacies of valor and virtue.

Align with the honor of your forebears to strengthen their support, or face the consequences of walking a path they cannot condone. Each step you take may either honor or challenge the legacy you carry.

"In the haunting silence between the trees, hold tight to thy Sanity. It is the fragile shield against the night's embrace, the sole torch in the enveloping dark."

In the depths of the Nordic woods, your Sanity will be both shield and weakness. Myrkvidr challenges the steadfastness of your mind, with each shadow and whisper threatening to unravel it.

Preserve your Sanity amidst the encroaching darkness, lest the forest consumes more than just your fear. How you manage the terror and awe of the unknown will define your journey through the whispers of the night.

Choose Your Path

In Myrkvidr, you choose between two characters, each with their own narrative.


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